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Land For Sale By Owner, Low Down Seller Financing and Huge Cash Discounts.  If you work with us, you will be dealing with the actual owner of the property, no middle men or agent commissions involved.  All prices include closing costs and there are no hidden fees.  We strive to make the complicated process of real estate investing as smooth and hassle free as possible and stand behind our properties with a 100% money back guarantee on title.  We offer huge cash discounts and no credit check seller financing making it easy for everyone, no matter the situation, make the dream of land ownership a reality!  Our Golden Land Deals are below, call or email for questions, we are here to help!

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GoldenLandDeals.COM is owned and operated by GII, LLC a family run real estate investing company near Denver, Colorado. We specialize in wholesale pricing and flexible seller financing land deals helping anyone make the dream of land ownership come become a reality. Seller Financing makes property ownership a reality for anyone with our guaranteed approval on all applications. Many times we can even offer zero-down seller financing with flexible and more importantly reasonable terms. Let us help make your dreams a reality!

We’re always adding new land deals, sign up at to be the first to hear about our new properties for sale. We provide Cheap Land For Sale By Owner with Low Down Seller Financing and Huge Cash Discount.  We strive to provide the best information possible and it can be deemed reliable but we cannot guarantee accuracy. We provide all of the necessary info to do your own due diligence: Parcel numbers, GPS coordinates, and County phone numbers for research.  For any questions you that you might have that we can not answer, we provide county phone numbers for further help.  Thanks for looking!

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Looking to build that off-grid bunker, or just to camp or live on YOUR own land!?

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You read that right!. You can purchase land right from our website using our secure check out. Come check out the land, research it, and make the payment right on our website and lock the deal!

Frequently Asked Land Questions and help to get you started.

Golden Land Deals (GII,LLC) will help you answer most of the questions you might have in regards to purchasing land from us. We will provide phone numbers to help with any questions we may not be able to answer. It is our mission to help you to pick the best land for you.

How will you get to the property?
If it’s on a main, public road you’ll most likely have no problem. Many times, especially in rural areas, the only access to a piece of land is over someone else’s property. In these cases, without what is known as an “easement,” your property is considered landlocked. Ensure that a right-of-way easement is granted, in writing, before agreeing to buy the land.
Does the Property Have Deed Restrictions?
If there’s a homeowner’s association governing the land, you’ll need to abide by the restrictions they’ve set forth, in addition to whatever zoning rules apply. Read the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) carefully. These documents outline what you can and can’t do with your property. If you have any questions about anything in the CC&Rs, consult your attorney as it’s vital that you understand everything in them.
Can I finance the land?
Yes you can! Head over to our current lands we have for sale and see for yourself! NO CREDIT CHECKS!
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Couldn’t ask for a better company to do business with! Easy to communicate with, answered all of the questions I had, and pointed me in the right direction for some things I never knew about when making a choice like this. I recommend Golden Land Deals for GREAT deals on land any day! Thanks for everything! Seth C

Top company for affordable land. If you’re looking for a land purchase at crazy affordable prices, then check out Golden Land Deals. I was very happy with my purchase and they company was really easy to work with. I was able to make my payment right from the website, too! Thanks GLD for all you do. Amazing deals! Sarah S

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