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Cheap Land Clear Creek County Colorado


Cheap Land Clear Creek County Colorado!  Clear Creek County, Colorado, is named after the 67 mile tributary of the South Platte River which flows through the Coors Brewery, the Clear Creek. It sits about 20 miles west and 3,000 feet above Denver on the east side of the continental divide. Clear Creek was originally known as Vasquez Fork.  After they found flakes of gold in the creek, it was the heart of the boom during the 1859 rush. Gold and Silver Mining were the original draw to the area.  But, soon after it became a prime tourist destination with the high peaks and fresh air around the Continental Divide.

Georgetown and its rival Idaho Springs swelled during the rush, but Georgetown won out to claim the county seat. The Silver Plume Mine, rich in silver, became a booming miner’s community. While Empire was both a gold mining town, and the gateway to Winter Park, Berthoud Pass, and the Middle Park area of the Central Rocky Mountains. The population shot up to 7,800 during the years after the 1859 gold rush.  But, by the hard economic times of the 1930’s it dropped back down to around 2,100 people.

Train travel diminished, but automobile travel picked up and kept the county alive. The state and later federal highway systems made Clear Creek County a prime tourist destination with easy access from Denver. With the growth of the ski industry in the 40’s and 50’s a new industry was added.  Berthoud Pass and Loveland Ski areas drew skiers as well as travelers on their way to Summit and Grand counties. Around this time people began to realize the value of the historic buildings and old structures from the boom days of the Gold Rush, and cultural tourism became yet another draw to the area.


On average, Clear Creek County gets about 15 inches of rain per year and about 77 inches of snow. There are usually about 245 days of sunshine and the July high is around 79 degrees.  Conversely, the January low is around 15 degrees Fahrenheit.


Clear Creek County has something for everyone!  Everything from sightseeing in the surrounding peaks and Victorian towns, shopping and soaking in the hot springs, to great restaurants and breweries.  Great breweries such as Tommyknockers, named after the souls of fallen miners knocking on the walls of the mine shafts. It is great for whitewater rafting and kayaking, camping, hiking.  Also 4x4s, ATVs and motorcycles, horseback riding, hunting, biking.  Even mountaineering, stand up paddle boarding and even ziplining in the summer. In the winter it is great for skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing.  But with Saint Mary’s Glacier, you can actually in ski all months of the year. There are also history tours, gold mine tours.  The Georgetown Loop Railroad, and the highest paved road in the northern hemisphere up to Mount Evans. Clear Creek County, Colorado is rich in both history and natural beauty alike.

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